Investment Management

The financial plan is one piece of the puzzle—the road map that outlines your goals—that opens the door to the investment opportunities that help you pursue those goals. Investment management is typically carved out as a separate service due to its distinct and complex nature. How we ultimately shape your investment portfolio is based on a collaborative effort, and the result is something we monitor regularly. The investment recommendations and services we provide are designed to support the personal needs and goals outlined in your financial plan. Considerations for these activities may include, but are not limited to:

• Goals: What is the goal for the portfolio? Is it to grow and accumulate assets, provide an income stream?

• Timeframes: When is the money needed? Is the target date for the goal of the portfolio short-term or long term in nature? 

• Risk Tolerance: What level of risk are you comfortable with? Does the thought of market risk keep you awake at night? What are the other risks that need to be addressed in order to meet you goals?

• Investment Monitoring: What type of attention does your investment require?

• Investment Selections: Where would you like to invest?

• Contributions: Will you contribute to your plan over time or will you make a single, up-front investment?

• Charitable Giving: How might your philanthropic goals affect your investments, especially when considering topics like taxation?

• Advanced Insurance Planning: What safety nets will your investments require as your assets and responsibilities grow?

With financial planning as the foundation and investment management providing the necessary building blocks, we can work together to help you pursue your short- and long-term goals.