18 Things to do in 2018

  1.  Max out an IRA ($5,500 per year or $6,500 per year if you’re over 50).
  2. Increase your 401k contribution, even if it’s just by 1% (the 2018 contribution limits are $18,500 and $24,500 if you’re over 50).

  3. Set up an automatic savings plan to help meet your goals. Money will automatically be transferred out on pay day ensuring you never miss a saving opportunity.

  4. Count your loose change around the house, car cup holders, backpacks, etc.

  5. Fill a trash bag with old clothes. If you didn’t wear it in the past year, it’s time to go. Try taking it to a consignment store first to collect some cash. What they won’t take, donate to charity for a tax deduction.

  6. Go into your basement or attic and organize what you use and what you don’t. Set aside what you don’t and have a yard sale the first nice weekend this spring. What you don’t sell, leave by the curb for free pick up or take to a charity. Do not bring it back inside.

  7. Fruits and vegetables are healthy, and they look nice growing in the yard. They can also be expensive at the food store. Try starting a small garden, even if it’s just one tomato plant.

  8. Learn to cook one new dish. It’s always great to have a specialty. This can also save you money on ordering take-out throughout the year.

  9. Join a gym. If you belong to one and don’t go (paying the fat tax), cancel your gym!

  10. Find an accountability partner with similar goals to meet with monthly. Write down what you will accomplish that month and next month review your progress.

  11. Clean out that one “junk drawer” in the kitchen. You know the one I’m talking about…

  12. Pay off one debt, even if it’s your smallest credit card or loan.

  13. Call your insurance agent to review your policy. Perhaps there is an opportunity to consolidate policies into one household for a price break or a lower cost policy available.

  14. Check the air in your tires, especially if you live in the colder north. Low air pressure will reduce fuel efficiency and increase trips to the gas station.

  15. Learn to appreciate cheap coffee (this hits close to home for the author of this list).

  16. Find one destination you frequent regularly that you can get to by means other than a car; like walking or biking to the grocery store.

  17. Find a family member to share subscription services with and reduce your costs. Most places are welcoming to family members joining the plan.

  18. Re-read this list and do one item today!